Field trips for children

Dear teachers and professors bring your students on a one-day field trip to the Nature Park Lonjsko polje! Come to our eco farm in Mužilovčica and enable children to enjoy in quiet unpolluted nature and the fresh air playing old Croatian games!

After visiting the Nature Park with a professional guide children with companions come in Mužilovčica, where they will be always happy welcomed by family Veselić!

Family Veselić is in agriculture business for generations, so that on the farm children can see various farm machinery and tools, as well as many domestic animals. There is also a playground for children with swings, goals, etc. The entire property is surrounded by a wooden fence so that children can be safe and in sight of their companions. Lunch for children consists of fried chicken, potatoes, salad, bread and a glass of our organic juice.

For children we always prepare interesting animation programs, so that their companions could relax in peace, and children have fun and memorable experience! We try to connect entertainment with knowledge, so that the aim of the educational children’s workshops is to get better acquainted with Croatian traditions and customs with a lot of fun, laughter and a competitive spirit. Depending on weather conditions, the age and interests of children and it is possible to have one of the following workshops:

Organic garden – with children are planted organic fruits or vegetables with occasional works and songs

Mini rural Olympics – children are formed into groups and compete with each other by playing the old games, like jumping into a bag, carrying an egg in a spoon through the polygon, rope pulling, throwing tulina, stacking “wells”etc.

Old crafts Mill – children are presented procedure emergence of corn meal, from sowing corn to grinding mill (stone to stone), and the final sowing flour. Children may itself participate in the process and thereby to learn something, but also have a good time.

After each educative workshop kids deservedly receive a Veselić Diploma!

We hope that the children smiles will shine on our estate soon.

Price for 2-3 hour programme is 45,00 kn per child.
Download field trip agenda here.