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If you want to get away from the city noise, fast tempo, smog and asphalt, this is the right place for you. Come and rest your body and soul in the village nature, sleep in authentic grandmother’s bed, and put your baby to sleep in a wooden crib. Loll yourself to sleep with the choir of frogs and crickets, and wake up with the chirping of the birds and the sound of a rooster.

In a traditional Posavic house we have decorated two 3 bed rooms (all together 6 beds + a crib for a small child) with separate bathrooms. The rooms are decorated with original furniture form this area from 19th and 20th century. Handy work and the spirit of that time are felt at each step you take, from the walls, old restored furniture, to the beddings, pillows made out of feathers, quilts, tablecloths, curtains, paintings, national costumes. The rooms are categorized with three suns.

Take your partner for a romantic getaway or bring your entire family, you won’t regret it.

We offer TRADITIONAL SPECIALTIES from this area made out of organic fruit, vegetables and meat. Traditional soups for this area are supposed to be cooked for a long period of time, with root vegetables, chicken intestates or other kinds of meat, homemade noodles, spiced up with pepper and parsley. During the winter ticker soups, with potatoes, beans or cabbage, are cooked. During the summer, soups out of cucumbers and cream, zucchinis, vegetables are more often.

Meat is served in the way of roasts, barbecues, steaks, brick stove barbecues, pork or lamb on a spit, and also cold cuts which are prepared according to the old, unchanged recipes. We serve mostly ham, bacon, sausages, čvarci, krvavice and češnjovke. Češnjovkes are protected as a specific traditional Posavic sausage. The sides that go with the meat are: potatoes, vegetables, oatmeal, homemade noodles, fanjki (doe with cheese), roasted beans, and also barbecue, mushroom and cream sauce.

We prepare different kinds of fresh water fish (carp, perch, pike, babushka, catfish, small catfish etc.). They are mostly prepared by frying on a pig grease or oil with oatmeal and cheese. The famous way of making the carp is on a stick, cut open (on an open fire). Traditionally we make fish stew prepared out of several different kinds of fresh water fish, and also Posavic stew, venison or boar stew.

We make different winter conserved food made out of vegetables: apples, beetroot. In spring and summer there is always fresh fruit and vegetables. Out of dairy products our specialties are fresh cheese and cream, dried cheese, boiled cheese, and smoked cheese.

The pastry tradition in this area is quite old, and it was mostly influenced by Austrian-Hungarian way of cooking. Orehnjače, makovnjače, strudel with fruit, pumpkin stuffing, doe, homemade salenjak, zlijevanka.. Just to name a few from which you can choose to end your meal in the style of this part of Croatia.

Recommendation of the home: menu VILLAGE FEAST
cream soup of Hokkaido pumpkin
perch fish with potatoes and sour cream
strudel stuffed with apples and cheese

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