1On September 17th, 2011 the minister of tourism Damir Bajs has officially opened Ecotourism Veselić in the Nature Park Lonjsko polje.

The Nature Park Lonjsko polje is situated in the central part of The Republic of Croatia. On the 50.650 ha of land there is a constant variation of scenery of meadows and grassland with lowland floodplain forests, old armlets and abundant flora and fauna. Lonjsko polje is a habitat for over 250 bird species from which the most famous ones are stork and spoonbill, and it is the biggest fish hatchery in Europe, especially for carps. Besides its extraordinary natural shapes this park of nature also has a rich cultural heritage, especially specific wooden masonry, folklore, trade and crafts. People and nature have been living here in symbiosis for centuries.

In the heart of Nature Park Lonjsko polje, next to the river Sava, village Mužilovčica is situated- the village of swallows. Here we have redone Goran’s house, in order to save the spirit of the time and pass it on to you. The house is a part of Croatian cultural heritage and represents typical Posavic masonry. We have kept and restored authentic furniture from 19th and 20th century, and our grandmothers Katica and Marica have made beautiful original tablecloths and curtains made on the loom, adding Posavic motifs by sewing them on it. We have also saved original posavic national costumes from our grand grandmothers and grandgrandgrandmothers.

The lower part of the house is turned into Organic Produce Tasting where you can taste and buy our products and use them as a gift, souvenir or for your own gastronomic indulgence.

We offer:

  • warm welcome with homemade schnapps
  • lodging in rooms that ooze with cultural heritage
  • the joy of being in the quiet nature
  • introduction to domestic animals (cows, horses, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats… etc)
  • rowboat ride on Tišina – old armlet of the river Sava
  • recreational fishing
  • swimming in Sava
  • representation of old Croatian crafts
  • taking a picture in old Posavic national costume
  • a walk or a bike ride through the Nature Park Lonjsko polje
  • sightseeing European village of storks Čigoć and the village of architectural heritage Krapje
  • traditional gastronomic specialties made out of organic products
  • educational workshops about organic agriculture, environment preservation and sustainable development
  • Presentation and tasting of our organic jams, juices…
  • local celebration accompanied with a glass of vine and good old tamburica-traditional music instrument