Organic agriculture

Organic farming is the concept of agricultural production, which is much more complex and whose essence is not only in the omission of agrochemicals, but in the overall management with which it is possible to achieve.

Organic agriculture is a practice that combines broken strings between humans and nature.

Organic production or agricultural products and food is defined as a special system of sustainable development in agriculture and silviculture that consists of growing plants and animals, food production, goods and natural fibers, and reproduction of natural products that includes all ecological, economical and socially accepted production-technological methods, procedures and systems, using the land and water, natural ingredients of plants and environment, the increase of income and resistance of plants by using natural forces and laws with prescribed usage of organic fertilizers, plant and animal remedies, according to the international norms and principles.

Eco, biologic or organic agriculture does NOT approve of the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides or protective remedies. Reliable ecological production systems are based on maximal usage of fertile land, plant fertilizers, muck, green muck, mechanical soil production, mineral rocks and all aspects of biological pest control.

Organically grown food has much better taste, and has more vitamins, minerals and enzymes and other micronutritients than conventional food. Besides from keeping your health, the advantage of that food is in the preservation of the environment because that kind of production does not pollute air, soil, or water and provides better conditions for our children.

Organic food helps people live longer, healthier and more lean life which proves a Newcastle University research. Fruit and vegetables without artificial fertilizers has more key nutrients, including vitamin C. As a result of that kind of food, life of a man and woman can be prolonged for couple of months, up to 5 years. This way of eating will make your health better because the chemicals from that food make the body burn fat faster. Organic food contains secondary metabolites that protect immune system and our body from harmful free radicals. Consuming organic food makes powerful natural laws increase people’s natural resistance to different kinds of allergies and diseases.

Organic production is subject to technical inspection performed by an authorized inspection body for organic production, which issues a certificate.

Real organic product is only the one that is marked as an organic product, which is a unique croatian label prescribed for products manufactured in accordance with the Law on Organic Production of agricultural and food products and the regulations adopted pursuant thereto.

The process of organic production has a dual role, which on one hand provides a specific market responding to consumer demand for organic products, and on the other hand delivers public goods, contributes to environmental protection, animal welfare and rural development.


The manufacturer in organic production is a legal or physical person that makes, or trades with organic products, and is listed in The Register of producers in organic production of agricultural and food products.

Organic product

Organic product is every product made and labeled according to the laws of organic production of agricultural and food products and means brought on the account of it, and that is labeled with an eco-label.


The certificate is a document with which authorized person confirms that organic production, process or service of a production unit in organic production is in accordance with laid down basic requirements for organic production.

Organic farming

Under Croatian law on organic production of agricultural products and food products (2001) the purpose of organic farming is protecting the health of humans, nature protection and environmental and consumer protection.